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About Us

Psychiatry Department,
Rumailah Hospital, HMC

The Department of Psychiatry provides a comprehensive service for people with mental health disorders across the spectrum of diagnoses and severity. The Department has a capacity of 76 inpatient beds and an average of 1700 outpatient contacts per month. We offer special expertise in general adult psychiatry, child psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry, substance abuse (addictions), liaison psychiatry, community psychiatry, and psychotherapy. Our department adopts a multidisciplinary approach to mental health provision. The team consists of Psychiatrists, Nurses, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Social Workers, and Occupational Therapists, all following a comprehensive biopsychosocial model of care, provided at the level of inpatients, outpatients, day patients, and community services

The department works closely with HGH Emergency Department as a primary source of input to the service. There are also close links through consult-liaison service or clinics with the Pediatric and Dermatology department, Rehabilitation department at Rumaillah, Al-Amal hospital, Kidney Transplant unit, the Women’s Hospital, in addition to the Psychiatry service at Al-Khor hospital.

The Faculty and residents are actively involved with research and scholarly activities. The department won a number of research awards, including the Medical Director’s Research Award grant in 2011, and a number of grants awarded by Qatar Foundation’s National Priorities Research Program.

Education is the prime function of the department. Faculty is involved in the teaching of our own psychiatric residents, family practice residents, interns, and Weil Cornel medical students.

Public awareness: monthly community days are held at the department between 5:00 – 7:00 pm on every second Thursday of the month. The aim is to encourage the public to visit the department and meet with staff from different disciplines to discuss issues relating to mental health. The event will help to raise public awareness about mental health and to minimize the stigma. We are regularly providing lectures or seminars at schools targeting students, parents, and staff. The department also actively participates with the national activities for raising awareness regarding substance abuse. For the last few years, we have been celebrating the World Mental Health Day, with more participation from different National organizations associated with Mental Health.

Clinical Services at Psychiatry Department

Outpatient Unit: This is the main primary mental health service in Qatar and is the point of entry into the services for the majority of patients. The average number of the patients contact the outpatient service is 1700 per month. Five attending physicians are assigned for supervised clinical teaching for residents during working hours, in addition to other service clinics run by attending physician. The clinic has its own records and pharmacy. Treatment modalities in the clinic include pharmacotherapy, psychotherapy and behavioral therapy. Social and psychological services are also available in the clinic. Telephone: 44384566/574

Inpatient Units: We have five inpatient units, two male units, two female units and one male high-care unit. Currently the total number of beds is 76. The patients are usually admitted through the outpatient service, accident and emergency department of HGH, and community services. Each unit has a treating team consists of two attending psychiatrists (one consultant and one specialist), a senior resident and one or two junior residents. All teams operate under the graded responsibility concept with junior residents supervised by senior residents. Telephone: 44384555

Community Care Services: This service started in 1993 and at present is undergoing major development. A Community Team provides Day Programs, Residential care, Home Based Outreach and Crisis Intervention for those who need it. The catchment area is currently limited to Doha city. The community team consists of two attending psychiatrists (one consultant and one specialist) and an adequate number of community nurses (key workers). Telephone: 44384622

Extended Care Facility: The Extended Psychiatric Care Facility is located within the complex of the Extended Care Facilities of Rumailah Hospital. It consists of 3 villas, each housing 5 male patients with long-standing psychiatric illness who are unable to live alone in the community and who have no relatives who can take them in. The villas are staffed primarily with nursing staff members who work in 3 shifts. Patients are encouraged to do their Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) independently and be responsible for their own medication. Daily activities and outings are organized and supervised by the staff and a psychiatric consultant makes rounds weekly. Medical care is provided in the complex where the villas are located in the form of a fully-staffed medical clinic. Telephone: 44385622

Day Patients: Day patients’ service is part of the community service and under the care and responsibility of the community team. Patients attend at different days of the week, to be engaged in several therapeutic activities with special emphasis on psychosocial rehabilitation. Telephone: 44384622

Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry: A 24 hour Consultation-Liaison service to other facilities of the Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) is available. The Consultation-Liaison team provides cover for HGH. The consultation-liaison team consists of two attending psychiatrists (consultant and specialist) and one resident under rotation. Telephone: 44384530

Emergency Psychiatry Services: The Emergency Psychiatry Service is an interdisciplinary clinical learning assignment in the context of a hospital medical/surgical emergency room (HGH). The emergency psychiatric service is under the clinical duties of the consultation-liaison psychiatry team during the morning working hours. After the morning working hours the emergency service is covered by the senior residents in-house on call, second on call (specialist) and the consultant on call for that day. Telephone: 44384530

Geriatric Psychiatric Service: The Geriatric Psychiatry services are based at the Psychiatry Department of HMC. Currently, the Geropsychiatry team consist of two full-time attending psychiatrists (consultant and specialist), two community mental health nurses (key workers). The team provides a variety of hospital-based and community-based services to address the mental health needs of elderly people through assessment, counseling, education, therapy, and liaison with geriatric medicine homecare services at Rumailah Hospital and geriatric inpatients units at Skilled Nursing Facility Units, Hamad Medical City. Telephone: 44384535

Child Psychiatry Service: Our team of professionals’ works intensively with the referring clinician and the patient’s family to ensure the high expectations for treatment when dealing with children. Child psychiatrists provide treatment and consultation in the following clinical setting: Out-patient Child & Adolescent Clinic at Psychiatry Dept., Out-patient Child Clinic and Inpatient Units at Pediatric Department of HGH, Child Rehabilitation Unit at Rumailah hospital, Pediatric Emergency Center. Telephone: 44384574

Drug Dependence Service: This is mainly an outpatient service for patients with substance abuse and drug dependence. Patients who need admission are admitted to an inpatient unit. The treating team conducts a Bio-psychosocial model plan of treatment for the patient and their families. Telephone: 44384573

Psychological Service: The psychology unit is based at the psychiatry department and provides psychological services for patients of all ages by qualified, professional psychologists. Psychologists are active members of inpatient multidisciplinary teams. Their main duties are to provide psychological assessment for children with developmental and psychiatric disorders, psychodynamic assessment for patients with marital problems and dysfunctional relationships, administer cognitive and psychometric assessment and provide psycho-education for patients and families. Telephone: 44384581

Psychotherapy Service: The Psychotherapy Unit is integrated into the Department of Psychiatry. It consists of a group of mental health clinicians (MD, PhD, and Masters levels) who are trained in the practice of various forms of Psychotherapy. They work with individuals of all ages, with couples, families and groups. A variety of Psychotherapy approaches are practiced: Supportive, Psychodynamically-oriented, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy combined with Medication management, and Play therapy.

The clinicians of the Psychotherapy Unit are also actively involved in the Psychotherapy Curriculum of the Residency training Program offering extensive didactic teaching and supervision to the Residents throughout their years of training.

The Residency Training Program

Our department offers four-year general psychiatry- training program. The program has been fully and consistently accredited by the Arab Board of Medical Specialization since 1993. It prepares the residents for the Arab Board examination leading to certification in psychiatry - the basis for future independent practice.

The overall goal of the psychiatry residency training program at psychiatry department of HMC is to provide outstanding, state-of-the-art, evidence-based education in psychiatry and behavioral sciences according to the ACGME-I six competency domains and to prepares our residents for a career with a sound clinical and scientific basis, and with skills for ongoing acquisition of knowledge.

Provide outstanding clinical education in psychiatry in an intellectually stimulating, supportive and rich multidisciplinary learning environment

Prepare psychiatrists to provide excellent and compassionate clinical care for individuals with mental illness and to ensure the capability of working effectively alone or collaboratively in a variety of clinical settings

Graduate highly competent psychiatrists and effective leaders who value lifelong learning, adhere to the highest ethical standards of the profession, and serve the community as role models

The program can accommodate seven residents every year with a total number of 28 residents during the four year residency period. A Resident’s application and possible selection is made through the HMC medical education department. After fulfilling the selection criteria and passing the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) which consist of 10 short, structured stations used to assess noncognitive qualities including cultural sensitivity, maturity, team work, empathy, reliability and communication skill. The resident then has a personal Interview with the chairperson and the program director of the psychiatry department to assess their interest in psychiatry.

The curricula and teaching experiences offered to individual residents during residency training are designed to both meet the minimum requirements for the ACGME -I and to provide flexibility for exploration of interests toward the resident’s individual career goals.

We are also committed to provide a clinical training experience that effectively integrates the biological, psychological, and social aspects of psychiatric theory and practice, and to ensure that each trainee is firmly grounded in the current concepts and practice of psychopharmacology, neurobiology, electroconvulsive therapy, group therapy, family therapy, crisis and emergency psychiatry, consult-liaison psychiatry, psychotherapy, community psychiatry, substance abuse, child and adolescent psychiatry, old age psychiatry and forensic psychiatry.

Our faculty seeks to convey basic knowledge in understanding the scientific and research methods to help residents think critically about research issues, and to carefully evaluate the literature which underpin our specialty.

We expect our graduates to be competent physicians appropriately grounded in medicine, neurology, and neuropsychiatry, as well as in general psychiatry.

Teaching and mentoring trainees' careers are top priorities in the program. The program size enables each resident the personal attention he or she deserves.

Our staff work in multidisciplinary teams and residents work close with the faculty on every service. This close proximity between faculty and residents forms the core of HMC education. It allows for varied learning, as well as fostering relationships with specific teachers as the resident is guided through the learning experience.

The core clinical facilities for the psychiatry residency training program include; Psychiatry Department, HMC medical and surgical departments, Rumailah Hospital, Sahafalah Center, Extended Care Facility and Skilled Nursing Facility at Hamad Medical City.